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As students come close to completing their school education their topmost concerns are about getting a good college admission to make the career they want. However, the challenge before them lies in choosing from over 600 courses in 799 universities and 39,071 colleges with which more than 300 careers are possible. The situation is not much different for students in their final year of college. More than anything else they are most concerned about finalizing their careers options and planning further studies accordingly. And they too have to decide on their courses and colleges from among the vast number of universities and colleges that are there in the country.

To make matters worse for a typical student who has limited understanding of the career and college admission options available, there is no single source of such reliable and comprehensive information in public domain or with any other service provider in the market for them to identify and explore options. This puts students on the mercy of information from sources on the internet limited to what the student is seeking, much of which may be inaccurate and confusing.

Patna Education Private Limited helps students deal with this challenge by offering them a complete solution in choosing career options and pursuing an education path in alignment with those options. It is the only organisation that guides and supports students in obtaining college admission in India into a course that best matches their career aspirations and competence, in addition to guiding them on career and subject choices.

The benefits of Patna Education Pvt. Ltd are:
  • Selection of subjects for classes XI and XII is better aligned with higher studies and career choices.
  • There is better shared understanding of career and educational aspirations, choices and alternatives between students and their parents.
  • Insights are gained into strengths, abilities and potential that may have been missed out earlier.
  • Direction becomes available for motivating, channelling and directing the academic and extracurricular activities.
  • There is clarity on future actions and support to be provided regarding higher education.
  • Sensitisation of students to the impact of pursuing their interests seriously, on future careers takes place.
  • Qualities and abilities that will need developing for future success in education and career get discovered.
  • Better academic performance

I take this opportunity to welcome you all at Career & Education Portal At PATNA EDUCATION, we believe in learning through technology knowledge. For us commitment, culture, quality, integrity and traditions are of great importance. Our career portal is designed as per student requirements.

Pankaj Singh
Managing Director, Patna Education Private Limited

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